Powder has to be one of the least interesting yet pretty darn required make up product out there. I think that’s why I never really stray far from the drugstore. All I really need is a lightweight, non-cakey powder for touch ups throughout the day.
Not much to ask really?
Actually, sometimes it is – I’ve tried a few powders, some set well but cake and others barely touch the ol’ shine…the list goes on. So, I decided I needed new powder last weekend and I stumbled across Bourjois Healthy Balance Powder which I used about 4/5 years ago.
In my basket it went and I’ve been using it daily to set my t-zone. It’s the perfect mix of a little coverage with not an ounce of cakey-forehead in sight. I find this powder very lightweight and long lasting. In fact I probably only have to touch up maybe twice a day. Can’t argue with that!
What is your go-to powder?


Love, Kate xo
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