Bobbi Brown Sheer Lip Color

 Not so long ago, it was National Lipstick Day – yes that’s a real life thing guys!

I call for a public holiday and free lipstick. To celebrate this prestigious day, Debehams had a cheeky little deal on where you got £5 off any lipstick. A lip obsessed girl like myself couldn’t resist so I popped my first ever Bobbi Brown lipstick in my basket. Ooh er!
I only have a little collection of Bobbi Brown products and I love each of them. I feel it’s one of those brands that just works well on everyone. I’m sensing a little purchase coming on – any good recommendations?
I digress. Back to this lipstick hey! I picked up the Sheer Lip Color in Passion Fruit which is a pink coral shade that I immediately fell head over heels for.  Another god-damn pink Kate!

Despite being a ‘sheer‘ colour in name, the end product isn’t as sheer as I’d expected at all. In fact it packs a lot more punch on the lips and adds a pretty vibrancy that wears down to a much sheerer colour. The consistency is creamy without feathering on the lips at all and feels really lightweight and comfortable. The lipstick gives a nice amount of shine to the lips without looking overly glossy. I’ve found the formula extremely nourishing on the lips which I really like in a lipstick as I like to keep my lips looking as plump and juicy as possible. One never knows when she will be caught in a lip-lock with a tall, dark and handsome man. Actually, scratch that. I’d have to be dreaming.
Although the shade is a little on the brighter side, it’s still extremely wearable both during the day and night. Who doesn’t love a good day/night shade right?
I’m really impressed with the formula, colour and application so I suspect another shade may end up in my collection soon.
What are your favourite Bobbi Brown products?
Love, Kate xo
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