The Bobbi Brown blush that dreams are made of

A little while ago I went to a Bobbi Brown event and came away with this beauty. bobbi-brown-illuminating-bronzing-powder
I’ve had a few Bobbi Brown products in the past but it’s not a brand I tend to migrate towards sadly. However, that being said I picked up the most beautiful, complexion boosting blush – the Illuminating Bronzing Powder in Pink Peony. Sadly, this shade was limited edition (sob) but there’s some equally as gorgeous shades in the Illuminating Bronzing Powder range.
Now, I wouldn’t call this a bronzer by any stretch of the imagination but that aside how beautiful is this?I have to say, I’ve been reaching for this more often than I thought I would – it gives my skin just the right amount of colour, definition and enhances my cheekbones like no other blush I’ve used before. It’s very soft and you can build the product to make your cheeks really “pop” without over doing it and wishing you’d been a little less “slap dash” with it. The formula is extremely long lasting on the cheeks and I don’t really feel the need to re-apply thoughout the day as with some blushers than just kind of fade away.

Whilst this wasn’t the cheapest blush out there, £27 to be exact – it’s amazing just how much product you get for your money. Bobbi Brown has always been a brand that I’ve associated with being very expensive, even with discounted prices at my local Cosmetics Company Store. I know this will last me forever so to me, it’s a good investment.

I feel I’ve been bitten by the Bobbi Brown bug, much to my dismay and I’m itching to buy more.

Have you tried any Bobbi Brown products?

Love, Katie xo
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