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Something a little different today at SB!

I thought I’d share some love and chat about my favourite blogs out there right now. These are just the tip of the iceberg that is my bloglovin’ list so expect another one of these style posts somewhere down the line. I wont go into the YouTube element of some of these as they’ll be for another time ;). So without further ado…
I think it’s safe to say Anna’s fantastic blog is my post read out there. I’ve followed VDM for nearly two years now and it’s amazing to see how much it has grown in that time. Anna’s hard work, content and superbly witty writing is what draws me back on a daily basis and sadly batters my bank balance. By far one of my most trusted bloggers, if I hear Anna raving about something it will more than likely end up in my stash. #numerounoenabler.
Formerly, What I Heart TodayLily Pebbles is another of my most read and has again, like Anna some seriously fabulous content. You can see how much time and effort goes into each post and even each photograph. My favourite posts are the WOMF as I love how flawless Lily’s make up looks and how she’s open to trying new products whilst giving her thoughts on them. I love reading LP on a daily basis!
I absolutely adore Gh0stparties! Kate is easily the funniest blogger out there, if you haven’t checked out her YouTube you absolutely must. GP has a fantastic mix of beauty and lifestyle plus one super gorgeous kitty called Mouse that I could easily look at all day, e’ryday. Kate gives really in depth thoughts about every product she writes about and it’s always in a very fascinating way. Her photos are easily some of the best around and like Anna, she’s the ultimate enabler.
Oh Liza! I absolutely love this gal, she’s an absolute babe and half. GlamBeautys is one of my favourite up and coming blogs by far and it’s jam packed with all things beauty and I particularly love hair related posts as Liza is the Queen of hairpieces! She writes honestly and her photos are always so pretty. Plus she has the most gorgeous little boy called Vinny!
I once joked that Adrienne could photograph a poo and it’d look amazing. I absolutely love LNN, the photos were what immediately drew me in but Adrienne writes so effortlessly that I could spend hours reading her blog. Like Liza, she’s an absolute babe and I’m hoping she does more YouTube as she’s a natural.

The Black Pearl Blog is one of my most recent finds, I don’t know how I missed it. Sandra has some truly wonderful posts and her photos are brilliant. I love her make up style and Sandra has the most amazing eye make up photos I’ve seen in a long long time. There’s a fab mix of beauty, lifestyle and healthy eating (y’know something I should really start doing). I’m so thankful I came across TBPB as it’s a pleasure to read.


A Yellow Brick Blog – firsly, such a fab name! Kirstie has a wide range of posts and she has a lot of personality in there too. Her photos are so pretty and you can tell she absolutely loves writing about her subject and blogging in general. Kirstie is such a lovely gal too and we like a lot of the same things so naturally I’m drawn to her fabulous blog.

Quite possibly the best photos out there, I absolutely adore I Covet Thee! Not only is Alix’s blog extremely asethically pleasing but so easy to get lost in. Alix writes as she talks, if that makes any sence, it’s really almost soothing to read and she has a great mix of beauty and style going on. I love all her posts but I am quite partial to an OOTD as Alix has great style and a fabulous figure to boot.

It’s easy to see why Kayleigh is such a popular blogger, not only is she absolutely beautiful but she writes such a fantastic blog. She has a great mix of posts, mainly beauty but she’s written some truly inspiring personal posts that are so brave, I don’t know if I could do that. It’s a pleasure to read Couture Girl and Kayleigh is such a lovely girl and deserves all the success she’s had and more.

So there you have edition #1 of blogs that really do deserve praise, I’m sure I’ll be back soon with another edition as there’s so many more that I love. I’m thinking of doing a YouTubers post if anyone’s interested?

Love, Katie xo

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