Is this NYX blush the best from the drugstore?

It’s not often you come across the perfect blush. Y’know, the one that goes with every eye make up, every bold lip and really boosts your cheeks. Oh and it lasts all day too.

I think I’ve come across that kinda blush just once in my make up obsessed life – NARS Deep Throat. I didn’t think I’d come across another perfect blush, especially in the drugstore. Call me a blush snob but I usually find the higher end ones are the ones to go for and invest in. Not today kids!

When I was perusing Target in Australia, I picked a few products up from NYX – now I say a few, I mean like 7. We can get NYX in the UK but it’s not so easily available in store to check colours etc. So I decided I definitely wanted to try some blushes and I picked up two cream and one powder. The Powder Blush I picked up was in the shade Mocha. I’d wanted a richer, deeper blush shade for a while and this seemed to call out to me. Don’t get me wrong, in the pan it doesn’t look like much and the shade is a little forgettable.
However, upon first applying the blush to my cheeks, I knew I was onto a winner. It adds the most gorgeous depth of colour to the cheeks that really boosts and enhances them with minimal effort. The powder is pigmented beautifully and applies just the right amount of product without going overboard at all. It lasts all day too, even in the sweaty heat of Australia I can assure you.
Now where it really hits the nail on the head is when it comes to the entire make up look. Some blushes are too bright for a smokey eye or bold lip, others are too subtle and wash you out so you can’t really get the balance of your face right. This is never an issue with Mocha. I have bee n wearing it pretty much every day for the past month or so and if you see a sneaky selfie, it’s more than likely I have this on my cheeks. It just seems to go with everything.
I am besotted with this blush and I’d definitely love to try more of the NYX Powder Blushes because the quality is so good. At just £6.00, you’d be a fool not to pick at least one shade up to try.
What is your perfect blush shade?

Love, Kate xo
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