They’re Real Push-Up Liner

Today I’m back and I’d like to discuss a certain marmite product that has divided opinions since it’s release just under 2 months ago.




Yup. Benefit They’re Real Push-Up Liner. Never have I found one product to be hated and loved in equal measure. I approached the Benefit counter at one of my local Boots stores and the sales assistant offered to apply it on me. She applied it to one eye and I attempted the other. It seemed quite easy to get a nice smooth line and the wing intact. This intrigued me enough to pop it into my shopping basket and come home with me.
Of all the liner types, the gel formula has to be my pick of the bunch after years of practise. I don’t particularly get on with pen based liners, especially the liquid kind.
This liner was 5 years in the making and features an Accuflex tip for a smooth and easy application. The aim of the liner is to not only be easy to apply but also to be waterproof, smudge proof and long wearing.
So, Benefit They’re Real + me = match made in heaven right…?Not quite.

Since I purchased this liner, I’ve found myself having a bit of a fight on my hands. It’s such a strange thing because it should be a doddle but I’ve been finding it really hard to work with and I’ll explain why:
– If you twist a fraction too much, it dispenses too much product.
– I find often that the product crumbles off the tip and blobs over the eye and is therefore wasted.
– Occasionally the product doesn’t apply as opaque as I’d hoped, with it almost erasing the liner.
– The rubber tip feels a little too flimsy to do a controlled flick.
That being said, it is very long wearing and doesn’t seem to smudge on me at all.
It’s quite a temperamental product in my eyes, one that I really can’t seem to get to grips with. I find that I attempt it one day and put it away the next. I’m sure there is some sort of trick to it that I’m totally missing.
I want to keep persevering with this, mainly because I’m £18.50 out of pocket since buying it. I feel sometimes that it’s all about the placement of the liner in your hand. That sounds so silly but I do find if I hold it a certain way, the outcome is much better.
Sadly, at the moment, I’m leaning more towards a ‘Disappointing Products‘ feature.
Maybe I should stick to a gel liner in a pot with a brush ey!
What are your thoughts?
Love, Katie xo
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