Benefit – It’s Potent!

When I think of Benefit Cosmetics, skincare doesn’t usually come to mind right away.

I often forget they have a skincare line because they’re so renowned for their wonderful make up products.
That being said, I tried their most recent skincare addition, Puff Off* back in January and I was really impressed. So naturally, trying their other eye cream was exciting.

It’s Potent* (£25.50) is their first eye cream from their revamped line that came out a couple of years back. The packaging is so cute especially as it has a vintage vibe which I really like. I think the whole range looks like the potion style bottles that you’d see in the 1940s.

The cream aims to target dark circles and smooth fine lines to brighten the under eye area. If you suffer from dark circles then this one is for you, rather than Puff Off which mainly targets puffiness.
I began using this a good month or so ago, tapping a small amount to my under eyes each morning post cleansing. I didn’t notice much at first, other than it really smoothed my under-eye area. I have quite sensitive skin around my eyes which I think is down to a bit of eczema that flares up from time to time. I didn’t have any issue with this cream at all, in fact my under eyes really seem to like it as they drink up the moisture quickly.
I’ve noticed the more I use it, the less shattered I seem to look. I’m a complete night owl – in fact it’s nearly midnight as I type this. I find late nights really don’t agree with my eye bags, especially if I’ve been having a few cheeky Disaronno and Cokes on top of a lack of sleep. I think this cream is working really well at reducing the darkness under my eyes and they look really rejuvenated.
Sometimes it’s worth sticking with certain products as it takes time for your skin to adhere to them and to see results.
What’s your current go-to eye cream?
Love, Kate xo
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