Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector

I’ve gone radiance mad in recent times, I often find myself questioning who I am.

I used to be Mrs Matte but I’ve changed into Mrs Dewy-Glowy-Goddess! It has a better ring to it anyway right?
Whilst embracing my inner glowy goddess, I picked up the stunning Shimmering Skin Perfector in Opal which is a soft, pinky toned shade which works perfectly as a primer. It gives me a tint of colour with its pearlescent finish, providing my skin with much needed warmth and luminosity. This is kind of the next step up from my Laura Mercier primer which I use most days, as it has a bit more colour and glow about it. I tend to use this more for when my skins a bit more lacklustre than usual or if I’m wanting to be super glowy and fresh. I think this shade is perfect to be used as a liquid highlighter, especially along the cheekbones.
Whilst I like this product, I think the Pearl shade they do would have been better for me as it is quite similar to the Laura Mericer one. Pearl is more white based and iridescent with less colour. However, it looks like I’d be waiting a while as this is on back order at the moment. I’m looking at you Kate for this, true enabler!
Has anyone tried this or any other shade?
Love, Katie xo
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