Is the Beauty Blender worth the hype?


There are so many make up sponges on the market these days and I’ve tried quite a few but is the original Beauty Blender worth the hype?

The answer is undoubtedly – yes.

I use a Beauty Blender sponge 99.9% of the time and I currently have 3 on rotation. I struggle to use a regular foundation brush and I rarely reach for a buffing brush these days.  I reach for the Classic Pink* (£16) most and my foundation has never looked better. Why is this little sponge so well loved? It applies foundation with the highest quality, blends quickly and flawlessly and it works for numerous products in one application – meaning less to wash.


The basis of the sponge is that the round base is to focus application on your cheeks, forehead and chin with the more pointed end for those harder to reach areas such as the nose, mouth and under the eyes. What’s great is that the sponge has an open cell structure which means that it can hold a large amount of water, thus giving the sponge it’s fuller size. Plus it keeps the sponge from absorbing product, meaning you use less of your expensive foundations.

The thing I love most is that you couldn’t have an easier application – zero streaks!

I begin by dampening the sponge, usually with slightly warmer water and squeeze the excess out before beginning to apply my foundation. The sponge expands and covers a large area of my face quickly and efficiently. The idea is to bounce the sponge across the surface of the skin to really work the product into the face. If you have slightly more blemish prone skin, this can also work well as a stippling and twist motion can mask those harder to cover areas perfectly.

I’ve found that the sponge works incredibly well for ‘baking’, my current favourite powder application whereby you use loose powder and pat it onto basically anywhere you’ve concealed or want to set. By allowing 5 minutes or so for the powder to ‘bake’ before softly brushing away, you’re left with a flawless and creaseless finish with extremely long wear.


One thing that must be said, is that it is recommended to wash the Beauty Blender regularly to keep it as hygienic as possible. Like any other sponge, replacement would be necessary after around 3 months. Beauty Blender have their own cleansers, which I have yet to try but I’ve heard good things. I currently use Dr Bronner 18-in-1 Magic Soap for cleaning my sponges and brushes.

There are currently 4 variants of the Beauty Blender, the Original which is focused on foundation, powder, cream blush as well as BB creams. The Pure version is skincare based and works to apply foaming cleansers, serum, eye cream and moisturiser. I also have the Pro version which is for applying long-wear make up, bronzer and self tan. To be honest, the only difference I’ve found is that the Pro version is slightly larger and makes for a slightly speedier application. There is also a Micro Mini which is for concealer, acne coverage as well as contour/highlight.

Have you ditched the brushes?

Love, Kate xo

*PR Sample, sent for review