I was recently contacted by Barkbeats, the doggy equivalent of a beauty box to see if I wanted to review a box. Funnily enough, I was due to become the very proud owner of a puppy so I jumped at the chance to do so. Having cats for the last 11 years, I never thought we’d be getting a dog but it had been on the cards for a while. My Mum had retired in August last year and she’d always said she’d love to have a dog, especially now she had more time to look after one.

Enter Miss Olivia Pope (yes, after Scandal) the most beautiful chocolate brown Cocker Spaniel. She’s currently 4 months old and she’s fast become the apple of everyones eyes. Anyways, more on that cheeky woofie later on…

Back to the box, which arrived packed so beautifully and was stacked out with a whole host of food and toys so naturally Olivia was super excited. Especially as she could add two new toys to her current 10 (spoilt!) and I can safely say she’s been playing with them nonstop.


The box included a fab mix of goodies from a Balloon Animal to 3-in-1 Lamb Meat Treats. The quality of the products was brilliant and the box was extremely well thought out to target a dogs wellbeing, playful side and even well deserved treats.

The way Barkbeats works is that you can design the box to your dog – there’s one targeted towards smaller dogs (under 10kg), medium (10-20kg) and large (over 20kg) and then you can chose a plan. As with a beauty box, you can chose to buy monthly, 6 monthly and 12 monthly with the price lowering with the more boxes you buy.

The monthly charge for an individual box is £14.90 which is fantastic value for money as doggy toys alone can get really expensive. Don’t worry though, I’ve got you covered with a cheeky £5.00 off – just type in ‘SUGAR’ at the checkout!

As you can see my little Woofie the Dog Slayer (yup.) absolutely loves her goodies and she thanks Barkbeats with sloppy wet kisses!





Have you tried a doggy box?

Love, Kate xo
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