Aromatherapy Associates Christmas Bath Jewels

Could this be the cutest little packaging of all time? Loving the turquoise vibes!



 I became familiar with Aromatherapy Associates last year when I got my Mum a little set for Christmas. To me, they just seem like the most luxe pampering product out there. I’m definitely more of a shower girl but sometimes, especially during the winter, a good hot bath is what the Doctor ordered.
This year’s Christmas sets may just be more wonderful than last year and their Bath Jewels* (£28.00) is no exception. It comes beautifully presented with three 7.5ml bottles of oil that, although small will last quite some time. It is suggested that you use a third of each bottle per bath or apply to your body before showering. I think you can use less, it’ll still have the desired effect but ideally this set should last you around 9-10 luxurious baths which I think is great for a sample set.
The set includes Relax Deep* a very distinctive scent which includes patchouli, Australian sandalwood and coconut. It really does live up to it’s name as the scent is very deep and dark. This one is recommended on an evening, if you suffer from sleep issues which I do as it helps relax you into a more tranquil sleep.
De-Stress Mind* is similar to the aforementioned oil but without making you feel sleepy. When you’re feeling a little overwhelmed and need a little clarity, this is the one. It has hints of frankincense, wild camomile and rosemary.
My favourite scent is Revive Morning* which is very invigorating and perfect for those mornings where you need to put a spring in your step. Infused with grapefruit, rosemary and juniper, it has a boosting quality to it that screams Monday morning.
I’m really impressed with this set, it’s the perfect introductory AA gift that will suit men and women alike. I’m definitely going to get my use out of these oils as all three have benefits with my name on them.
Sunday pamper anyone?
Love, Kate xo
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