An update…

Hello guys!

If you follow me on twitter, you might already know what’s going on with me but I feel like I need to keep you guys informed with why my posting and videos have and will probably be quite sporadic.
As you’ve probably noticed, I’ve not posted for almost two weeks which is very unlike me. Even at my most busiest, I still try to get at least 1-2 posts up each week. I’ve been at home for the past month and undergoing tests on my abdomen due to having severe pains. I managed to have a fair few posts scheduled but once those ran out I’ve been struggling to be motivated to post.
Due to my health issues, I’ve not had a great deal of energy and I’ve found myself sleeping for the majority of the time and watching box sets. I’d love to say I’ve enjoyed myself but to be honest I miss having lots of energy and dare I say it, I miss working out. I started the year with good intentions, promising myself I’d lose weight and feel comfortable in my own skin. Sadly, this hasn’t happened as well as I’d hoped and I feel as if I’ve let myself down.
This is where it gets a little TMI…
In April I went onto a different pill having been off it for nearly 3 years (hormones do not agree with me!) and everything seemed fine for the first month or so until I began having horrendous bleeds for pro-longed periods of time with only a few days respite. Numerous visits to the doctors later and they decided to put me on the Implant and booked me in for an appointment in August. Shortly after this appointment was made the bleeding got worse, as did the pain, to the point where I had a bit of a breakdown at work and was sent to the local NHS Drop-In Centre, they provided me with period appropriate painkillers and I booked in with my doctor right away the next day. During my Dr’s appointment, we agreed to end my pill as it seemingly had been doing more harm than good and I was booked in for swabs later that week. In the meantime, I’d googled everything under the sun and I was convinced I had a mummified baby inside me. Note to self – do not google symptoms, it’s never good for your mental state.
For any ladies who’ve had a smear test, you’ll know how this goes – when I had mine back in December, it was a tad uncomfortable (probably more embarrassment than anything else) and it was over within seconds. This time, the pain was excruciating, to the point where I was sobbing in the doctors. Thankfully, on the plus side, I definitely didn’t have a mummified baby inside me as the tests showed I wasn’t pregnant. I was advised that I’d been referred for an ultrasound as the pain had not subsided. Eventually, the bleeding stopped once I’d ceased taking my pill for a few days but then I kept getting this horrendous wave of pain that I like to imagine as “labour pains” to my front and back and ended up going to A&E and they bumped me up to codeine and said they didn’t think I was in dire need for further medical attention and sent me on my way. My test results had come back negative and the codeine was reducing the pain but felt more like it was masking it. The Dr believed it was some kind of inflammation caused by my pill.
This week, I’ve gone back to the doctors as the pain is still there and favours my right hand side – so they’ve referred me to the gynaecologist at my local hospital and thankfully I’ve got an appointment next week to see what’s happening.
Work have been really good with the situation, I’ve currently been on sick for a month now and they have been really supportive and have told me to not worry about returning until I’m back to full health. The Dr doesn’t believe the issue is something too worrisome at this time but it’s hard to understand my body at the moment, having never gone through issues like this before.
Hopefully I’ll be on the mend and back on track soon, I hope you guys understand that I haven’t got a great deal of energy at the moment and I’m not in the best head state either.
For all of you who’ve been concerned about me, thank you so much for your kind words and support.
Love, Katie xo
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