All pink everything

I was feeling a little adventurous the other week when I jumped back on the pink train.










I had a pink moment back in February and I really loved it but found it a bit of a nightmare to maintain. Sadly, that routine hasn’t changed much but I picked up the latest in hair colour from BLEACH London and of course it was their beautiful, candy floss shade Rose. They have some truly STUNNING shades available which I may have delve into.

The aim of the game is to shampoo your hair as normal, towel dry and then apply all over, leaving for 15 minutes. The first time I applied it, I left it on for 5 minutes and then rinsed out just because my hair takes really quickly to any kind of hair colour. As my top section has the most recent bleach highlights, the colour really stuck there hence it being a tad brighter in that area. I found it washed out straight away so I re-applied and left for 15 minutes, this time starting with my end lengths and working upwards. This definitely makes the colour last longer. I don’t begrudge re-applying this as it’s so quick and easy to do.

I always make sure I brush my hair before applying as I find my hair gets pretty knotty without conditioner. I have found this product acts as a conditioner too, giving my hair a smooth finish.

I’m loving this right now, really impressed with the line as I’ve been trying the silver shampoo and conditioner as well. Good ol’ Boots 3 for 2!

What do you think?

Love, Katie xo

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