A change is going to come…

Hello everyone!

Hope you’re all well.

I’m starting to work on rebranding my blog and YouTube. I know I’ve dropped the ball in recent months – it’s been a difficult past year and sometimes things you enjoy become a chore and for me that’s what started happening with my content.

I ended up feeling like just throwing posts together because I felt I had to which made me start to resent it. I never want to feel like that about sugarfixxbeauty.com because I’ve worked extremely hard for 3 years on a hobby that I didn’t think would become so successful. I have been proud and privileged to work with some incredible brands and beauty will always be my passion.

I do want to write more lifestyle, personal posts but I want to do it in the right way. Sometimes past posts have been off the cuff writing and whilst I enjoy that, it often feels like over sharing. I have lots of interests outside of beauty – whether it’s music, tv/movies and even sport. I want to create a place where everything is there in a way that you can click on your preferred topic rather than people having to scroll past posts.

Will I change the blog name? Will I have secondary channel? Who knows.  Maybe it’s time for the next chapter. Everything is kinda up in the air but I felt an update was necessary for you guys to understand where I’m coming from.

So, with that in mind please bare with me as I navigate through the minefield that is my brain to get to a place where I’m happy with where everything is going.

All suggestions welcome 🙂

Love, Kate xo