2014 | Goals & Aspirations

Before I go back to work after a glorious 2 weeks off – I thought I’d post my goals for 2014 to spur me on to actually get out of bed on Monday.

2013 was a fantastic year blog/YouTube wise and I think it’s positive to have goals and aspirations so you can set yourself targets to beat throughout the year.
Sadly in 2013, I really fell off the workout-wagon especially towards the back end of the year and I’ve been left feeling like all the weight loss I’d achieved prior was for nothing. I’m back at square one but knowing I want to start doing OOTD’s and wear what I want is what I need to spur me on. I’m not enormous but I’m overweight and unhappy with my body. What really frustrated me was trying to find festive outfits and all the pretty jumpsuits made me look like a huge Christmas pudding! I know that if I put my mind to it, I can achieve anything but I need to get my fat arse off the sofa and into the gym / out running. I’ve decided to do a Weight Loss Series to follow my progress throughout the year and to keep me going to achieve my goals. Ideally, I’d like to lose 3-4 stone which sounds excessive but I’m 5ft 8ins and luckily can carry quite a bit of weight. At my heaviest, I was around 14 stone which not a lot of people would have believed. I’m not saying I want to be stick thin, I know I’d look ill for starters but I need to lose the weight and tone up considerably. I’ve already made it 4 days of January without eating chips, chocolate, pizza and burgers – which for me is pretty good going, haha.
I began YouTube before blogging and I really enjoy filming and editing videos. When I first started, using only an iPhone for filming, I was extremely nervous and it showed on camera. My personality barely came out and viewers didn’t see the real me. Over time, I’ve become much more at ease with being in front of the camera and thankfully, my dorky personality has started to come through. I started 2013 with 100 followers and now I’m well on my way to 1000. I do find YouTube to be an extremely difficult platform to get noticed these days – I wish I’d started 3 years ago when I first became interested as it seemed to be much easier to grow your channel. It’s very much a small fish in a big pond scenario but I’m determined to keep trying. I can’t believe how much my channel has grown in a year and that people actually like my videos and I hope I can reach more people and keep my channel going.
I’ve blogged so much this year, especially as I’ve written over 300 posts since starting up my blog. It astounds me that over 900 people follow me and I receive such lovely feedback. I’d like to increase my viewership and improve my content in 2014 – I feel sometimes my blog is review after review which can get a little boring. I’d love to hear what people would like to see in 2014 and how I can improve sugarfixxbeauty – time for a survey? Perhaps.
I’m a very outgoing person, I love a laugh and I get on with most people but in 2013 I found myself being really low at times to the point where I’d find myself crying a lot. I see everyone around me changing all the time, growing up and moving on with their lives yet I feel like I’m stood still. Perhaps it’s a mid-20s crisis of sorts but it’s easy to feel alone and like no one understands. I have found I spend a lot of time enjoying my own company which is probably why I started blogging. However, whilst I am outgoing I’ve found that I’ve been getting quite anxious about things – over the festive season I’d get really nervous about going out to parties etc and I wouldn’t know why. I’d get a really awful feeling in the pit of my stomach and my hands would shake which I find ridiculous because I enjoy being part of a group, chatting away and having a good time. I don’t know whether it’s a self-conscious thing – wondering what people will think about my weight or if it’s something else. In 2014 I’ve decided that I need to stop worrying, enjoy myself and get out more.
So there you have it, my goals/aspirations for the year ahead. What are yours?
Love, Katie xo
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