My 1 Year Blog-iversary


I never thought 1 year ago today that I’d be celebrating my blogs 1 year anniversary.

I started blogging to go hand in hand with my YouTube channel that I started a few days prior. I’d always admired bloggers and YouTubers but never had the confidence to give it a try myself.

I filmed an awkward, poor quality video a year prior to starting filming properly and kept it a secret for almost a year before showing friends. The response was so positive, I was getting encouragement from all angles and then sugarfixxbeauty was born. I don’t really know where the name came from but I suppose beauty is just as addictive as needing your next sugar fix. I’ve never been particularly enthralled by the name but I suppose it’s not done bad over the course of a year.

I can’t quite believe how much my blog has improved over the course of a year, I definitely think it’s in part due to my upgrading to a canon 600d and really finding my photographing niche. I’ve found myself spending such a large amount of time and hard work on my blog, sadly I work full time and whilst this has often proven hard I’ve enjoyed every minute of it. From writing posts to photography to filming and even editing, it’s definitely been worthwhile. I hope this continues, I’d like to think so as I don’t see any sign of me stopping.

I’d like to take the time also to say thank you to those of you who follow me or subscribe. Never did I imagine I’d have over 500 subscribers on YouTube or be heading for 400 for my blog. That’s just crazy to me, to think that people enjoy watching or reading anything I’ve done. For me, it started as a little bit of fun on the side and over time I’ve become more and more invested in it. I truly appreciate every lovely comment that you take the time to write, every like and follow. Thank you so much, it means so much to me.

I’ve decided to do another giveaway, I’m not sure what it will include but I thought hitting the 500 followers mark seemed an appropriate time to do so.

So, I’ll wrap this up now – simply, here’s to another year of blogging and YouTube, hopefully everything will continue to grow and I will continue to work hard and you will all still enjoy šŸ™‚


Love, Katie xo
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