Tuesday, 2 September 2014






Ahh, September is here and the Autumn make up releases are now in full swing. I love the darker hues and lit from within bases as we approach the colder months. I must remind myself to back away from the light pink lipsticks and embrace the darker, more berry tones. Break the cycle Kate.
Clarins have just released their Autumn collection and as you can see, I have a few things to discuss today. 

True Radiance Foundation* in 103 Ivory - I believe this foundation was limited edition a few years back and they've since revamped the packaging and brought it out in time for autumn. It is a very dewy foundation and is light reflecting to give a luminosity to the skin. I definitely think this foundation is much more suited to the drier skinned gals as I find I do have to powder quite a bit throughout the day as my skin is much oiler, especially down the t-zone. I think this would work fabulously with maturer skin too as it's not only moisturising but gives the skin a radiant boost. Coverage wise, I'd say it was a light to medium coverage and the consistency is quite thick and takes a little bit of working into the skin. I think the shade I have is a smidge too light for me at the moment but when I'm less tan I think it'll be a good match. True Radiance comes in 10 different shades so there is a good variety. I think it applies much better, for me anyway by using my hands and blending it throughly. Another note is that it's quite a fragrant base as it smells of cucumber which I actually quite like but those with sensitive skin may need to bare this in mind. 

Instant Light Perfecting Base* - I love a good eye primer and this offering from Clarins works wonders underneath eyeshadow. I often worry about creasing and the eyeshadow wearing off after a long day - I mean, it's not the greatest look is it? 'Just call me crinkled eyes!' This is great because it not only gives the eyeshadow something to grip to but it also works well at creating a smooth, clean canvas for the shadow. A little goes a long way, I find the tiniest blob covers both eyes and it blends really easily too before setting. 

Rouge Eclait Lipstick* in Candy Rose - The 'age-defying' lipstick that includes Vitamin E for protection and plant extracts for instant comfort. What I love about this lipstick is the scent, blackberry and liquorice which smells heavenly and you can really taste it upon application. It's like nothing I've come across in a lipstick before. The shade I have is what I like to call "My Mum's Shade" (no doubt this will end up in her stash!) which is a purple/berry toned pink that is a great go-between shade for those who aren't brave enough for a deep berry for autumn. The lipstick is very smooth and extremely nourishing on the lips, almost like a lip balm. I love the formula of these and with 20 shades to chose from you can't really go wrong.

Ombre Matte Eyeshadows* in Nude Beige, Nude Rose & Rosewood - These intrigued me from the get-go with their cream to powder formula. I found these weren't as creamy as I'd imagined and turned to powder pretty quickly. I found that these worked well both with a dense, flatter brush and also my fingers for a more opaque, deeper build up of colour. The two lighter shades, Nude Beige and Nude Rose are very much base colours, they give a subtle wash of colour over the lids. I particularly like Rosewood as it's the darkest of the three and found this worked well in the crease. In the pan, it seemed a lot more of a taupe shade but translated a little more grey on the lids. They're great matte shades that blend easily and last well on the eyes. I'd say they are mainly matte powder eyeshadows with less cream than advertised.

So there you have my thoughts on the latest release from Clarins, a brand that's fast becoming a favourite in my eyes. The autumn collection is great, very natural with some warmer, deeper tones involved. 

What Clarins products are you loving?

Love, Kate xo
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Monday, 1 September 2014


old wives tail mask

I've not really ventured into the world of organic haircare so I was intrigued to try the Old Wives Tail Organic Rosemary & Argan Oil* hair treatment. 

This product is definitely for those pamper nights where you're spending that little bit more time really revitalising yourself. The idea is to wet your hair and apply the treatment all over then leave for an hour. I tend to leave it overnight and then wash it out in the morning. 

As my hair is quite dry - thanks to the years of bleach abuse - I find blathering my hair in the treatment and leaving it overnight the best method for me. It gives time for the product to really work itself into my hair and release it's goodness. 

I find the scent a little too herbal for my liking, the rosemary is very potent so if you like rosemary then it's right up your street. Consistency wise it's rather thick and it takes a little working in for it to be spread evenly onto the hair. I suggest brushing through before and after to really work it in. 

Once I wake up, I wash my hair as normal, ensuring that I wash all the product out so I'm not left with any oily residue. Upon rinsing out I can feel my hair feels less corse and much softer. There's also less fly-aways which is always a plus. What I have really noticed is that my hair remains softer the day after I've used it which I don't normally find with other products. Maybe it's the organic nature of the product that prolongs the softness in my hair but either way, I'm really impressed!

Have you tried any organic hair products?

Love, Kate xo
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Not so long ago, it was National Lipstick Day - yes that's a real life thing guys! I call for a public holiday and free lipstick. To celebrate this prestigious day, Debehams had a cheeky little deal on where you got £5 off any lipstick. A lip obsessed girl like myself couldn't resist so I popped my first ever Bobbi Brown lipstick in my basket. Ooh er!

I only have a little collection of Bobbi Brown products and I love each of them. I feel it's one of those brands that just works well on everyone. I'm sensing a little purchase coming on - any good recommendations?

I digress. Back to this lipstick hey! I picked up the Sheer Lip Color in Passion Fruit which is a pink coral shade that I immediately fell head over heels for.  Another god-damn pink Kate!



Despite being a 'sheer' colour in name, the end product isn't as sheer as I'd expected at all. In fact it packs a lot more punch on the lips and adds a pretty vibrancy that wears down to a much sheerer colour. The consistency is creamy without feathering on the lips at all and feels really lightweight and comfortable. The lipstick gives a nice amount of shine to the lips without looking overly glossy. I've found the formula extremely nourishing on the lips which I really like in a lipstick as I like to keep my lips looking as plump and juicy as possible. One never knows when she will be caught in a lip-lock with a tall, dark and handsome man. Actually, scratch that. I'd have to be dreaming. 

Although the shade is a little on the brighter side, it's still extremely wearable both during the day and night. Who doesn't love a good day/night shade right?

I'm really impressed with the formula, colour and application so I suspect another shade may end up in my collection soon.

What are your favourite Bobbi Brown products?

Love, Kate xo
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Sunday, 31 August 2014



Earlier in the year I tried Roger & Gallet for the first time and fell in love with their Fleur de Figuier Shower Cream. So, I was excited to try one of their fragrances - Gingembre Rouge Eau Fraiche* which is inspired by Zanzibar (cheeky fact - that's where legendary Queen frontman Freddie Mercury was born!

The packaging is the perfect handbag size which attracted me right away and whilst the bottle is simple, it's still very eye-catching.

The scent is Ginger based with notes of Mandarin and Pomegrante which gives a really vibrant and fruity scent that reminds me of an exotic island. I will advise that it is rather sweet so it may not be to all tastes and I find this is a much more summer appropriate fragrance option. The Eau Fraiche fragrances are advertised as "fragrant waters" which to me means they sit somewhere between a body spray/mist and an actual perfume. The scent fades quite quickly so you would find yourself having to re-apply if you wanted to keep the scent at it's most vibrant throughout the day. As the scent fades, it loses much of it's saccharine tones and the fruitiness seems more prominent which I prefer. 

For me, it's a little too sweet without too much depth but I find it has a very youthfulness to it so I would definitely recommend it to those who prefer much sweeter scents. 

Have you tried anything from Roger & Gallet before?

Love, Kate xo
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