Friday, 31 October 2014



Well aren't The Body Shop just smashing it out of the ball park with their skincare right now?

After falling blissfully in love with their Camomile range, I turned my attentions to the Vitamin E range. Now, I'll say that the scent really takes me back to my youth! 

Enter, Vitamin E Overnight Serum-in-Oil which has not left my face since I picked it up two weeks ago. I try to include a serum or oil in my evening routine as much as I can but I've often found a serum isn't quite rich enough and oils can be a little overwhelming on my face. 

This product is the perfect mix of serum and oil - it's not too greasy at all and my skin really laps it up. I use 3 drops and gently pat it into my face and down my neck. My skin feels almost instantly softer and plumped upon applying and in the morning there's no trace of the product and my skin feels incredible. 

I can't quite believe how healthy and bright my skin looks after using this for only a fortnight. The weather can be harsh at this time of year and it's seemingly keeping everything in check so far. I'm going to take this with me to Australia as I think it will work just as well with hot weather.

I'm really impressed by this product and I think I've found my "serum soulmate". 

Have you tried anything from The Body Shop's Skincare range?

Love, Kate xo
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Wednesday, 29 October 2014




I recently was contacted to test out an Eylure Lash & Eye Kit* as part of the beauty product testing from Being a huge fan of Eylure's amazing lash range, I jumped at the chance to try one of their kits. There are 3 other fabulous kit's available which are definitely worth a look. 

What's fabulous about this kit is that it comes with everything you'd need to create an eye look - there's 3 eyeshadows, a liquid liner, mascara and easy to apply lashes. The kit also comes with a double ended brush which I swiftly disposed of as I've never been a fan of the applicators that come with kits. I just prefer using my own brushes that I know and love. 

I received the Shimmer kit, which comes with three soft, well pigmented and blend able eyeshadows which I used effortlessly to add colour to my eyes. The colour built up well and each shade blended seamlessly into the next. For a brand that's not really known for their eyeshadows, I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of those in the kit. There was little, if any fall down and the eyeshadows lasted well without any creasing. 


I then applied a smidge of liquid liner to define the lash line and I found this extremely easy considering I'm a complete newb at applying liquid liner. The colour applied opaque and precisely, everything you'd want from a liner plus it lasted all day. Very impressive!

Before applying the lashes, I used the mascara which wasn't anything special but added a decent amount of definition. It works well with false lashes but I don't feel it would be one I'd reach for on a daily basis but it did the trick. 



The lashes included in the kit are the beautiful and natural, 116 Naturalites which had to be the most natural of any lashes I've ever tried. They looked like my lashes but slightly enhanced and more fluttery than usual. Boy were they ridiculously easy to apply! I have small eyes and I find that unless false lashes have a thin spine, I really struggle to apply them. Thankfully, these had a super thin spine and after a little trimming, I got them on first time and they lasted all day. Not only that but they are completely reusable!

I definitely recommend these little kits because you can create a beautiful eye look with minimal effort and you have everything you need at your finger tips!

Each kit retails for £19.50 which I think is a great price for such a handy and fun kit.

What are your favourite type of lashes?

Love, Kate xo
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Monday, 27 October 2014




I find pre-ordering make up absolutely ridiculous, ludicrous even. 

However, I have pre-ordered twice in my make up loving life, both were for Christmas Collection NARS goodness. I mean, NARS are the Queens of blush aren't they? 

They don't do blush palette's like these very often and when they do you can bet your bottom dollar that they disappear into thin air before you've got chance to eye them up. 

Well, this girl don't mess around *sassy emoji


Say hello to Virtual Domination, a beautiful Christmas offering from NARS. I bought last years Guy Bourdain One Night Stand Palette and as soon as I saw this years offering, my hands began twitching and I swiftly added it to my basket at Space NK. At £45 it's not cheap but it's most definitely worth the money.  Now, the main difference from last year is that there's 5 powders instead of 6 - now don't let that put you off - what I love the most is that the Laguna Bronzer is double the size and for that I can for go another blush. 

(Clockwise L-R : Miss Liberty Highlight, Deep Throat Blush, Laguna Bronzer, Final Cut Blush & Sex Fantasy Blush)

Now, onto the other beautiful powders in the palette - there's 3 blush shades and 1 highlight which means you've got a full cheek trifecta going on there. No two blush shades are alike which is great because you have a great mix of tone and colour to pick from. 

The only permanent shade of the blushes is my favourite NARS blush, Deep Throat which is often overshadowed by Orgasm which boggles me as I really don't rate it at all. I find it has too much glitter and fades to leave me looking a tad like a cheap disco ball. All the other NARS blushes I've tried have been fabulous so you can understand my issue with Orgasm being hailed as the best NARS Blush - it ain't. Deep Throat is described as a "flirty, sheer peach" and to me, it is such an easy, go-to shade that just works with every make up look. Trust me, it's the bee's knee's. 

The other two blush shades are limited edition offerings - always good - Sex Fantasy is a "pale lavender pink" and Final Cut is a "peach coral" - both of these shades are beautiful and I've found myself reaching for Final Cut lots already. What is it with NARS and their smutty product names? It makes me snigger like a schoolgirl. 

Finally, we have Miss Liberty highlighter which is a "soft shimmering peach" and adds a beautiful iridescence to the cheekbones. 

This palette is perfect for travelling too - it's nice and compact whilst still remaining a decent size. The blushes aren't full size (when does that happen in a palette?) but they're not far off. 

Once again, super duper impressed with this offering from my favourite make up brand!

This palette is out on November 1st and I'm sensing a sell-out!

Are you a NARSissist?

Love, Kate xo
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Sunday, 26 October 2014




Y'all know I love me some NARS, it's safe to say that it's my favourite make up brand of all time. Yes, Kanye...of all time!

There's a few products that I have repurchased more than once and today I have two base products that are cult level when it comes to NARS - Sheer Glow Foundation and Laguna Bronzer. I recently repurchased both products and realised that I'd never actually reviewed either on my blog! Disgraceful behaviour, I know

Let's start with Sheer Glow, I have the shade Santa Fe which is pretty much a dead-on match for my skin, maybe a little warmer. I had not repurchased this foundation in a while, mainly because I have been trying out other brands and testing the waters so to speak. I finally got round to adding it back into my rotation and boy am I glad I did. What's great about this foundation is that it has zero SPF. That sounds like an odd thing to be happy about but it means that there's no flashback aka the dreaded 'ghost face' when using flash photography. That perk probably only really matters to brides but I remember looking back at old photos on nights out and it looked like I had a brown body and a super pale face. Not a good look, honey

I find I wear Sheer Glow for evenings, especially if someones got a camera with flash (what cameras don't have flash these days?). The name of the foundation is slightly misleading - it's not a sheer coverage and it's not overly glowy. In fact the coverage is medium and buildable and it gives a rather natural finish - not too matte, nor too dewy. It's a great choice for perfected skin as it really evens out the skin tone and blends into the skin seamlessly. I find it incredibly long lasting on my oily mug too!

Ah Laguna Bronzer, the creme de la creme of bronzers. I don't think I know many people who haven't tried or coveted this bronzer - it's probably the most popular one out there. Firstly, the compact is a great size and lasts for a long time which definitely justifies it's price. Laguna is the perfect bronzing colour - it's not too orange, nor too muddy. I find it works fantastically as a contour too as it has a good amount of depth to the colour. In fact, I've been using it in the crease of my eye to add warmth and definition rather than a regular eyeshadow. 

Are these two worth all the hype? Absolutely

What are your most repurchased make up products?

Love, Kate xo
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